Liquid Wisdom

I see myself, immersed in a mystical brown liquid that shimmers brightly. While looking at my shaky wobbly self, I see that the ends of my messy hair that slightly block my eyesight; have tangled themselves into a knotty maze. Every time I straighten them, in a fraction of a second they spiral back into the maze. As I go closer and sense the complex aroma of this beverage, a new layer of fog develops over my glasses. The faint chirps of a faraway bird have now joined my senses and bring in a new dilemma. The dilemma of deciding if these chirps are a source of delight or annoyance. I look up at the grey cloudy sky, its barely four in the afternoon. It’s definitely going to rain, sooner or later. I can already hear the crashing sounds of things falling from my study table because of the strong winds gushing in through the widow. I should probably shut the windows and take off the clothes hanging in the balcony. But I’d rather just sit here and take a sip of my tea.

This tactile liquid has a pure and refreshing quality. It travels deeper into my body and leaves a lasting taste on my tongue that makes me obligated to take another sip of bliss.

With each sip, the cluster of fibers in my brain that were wound around each other and stuck together tightly, begin to unwind and spread out with ease. A sense of tranquil runs through the body and strikes a perfect chord with the swaying wind that smells of the garbage can far way, cigarettes, paint, lemons and everything I can think of.


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