My longest companion: Motion Sickness.

So fun fact: I have horrible motion sickness. I have had it since as long as I can remember. Every time I travel by a car, I brace myself for the uneasy turmoil in my  stomach. On the good days its just the feeling.  On the bad days, it usually means throwing up. I have tried everything-pills, restricting my diet before travelling, mint and anything and everything you can name. But the most it does is reduce it slightly. Mostly because my motion sickness is genetic (Thanks Mom. And yes, motion sickness can be genetic!).  So life leaves me no choice but to cope with it.  And that is where things get a little difficult!

The best way to deal with motion sickness is to stick your head out of the window and sleep. But unfortunately the people around you don’t get the seriousness of motion sickness. I don’t know how or why the ” people who have motion sickness should sit in the front seat ” norm was created. But whoever did it was stupid. Mainly because sleeping in the front seat leads the driver to feel sleepy, and that is a huge risk. Personally,  I think the person who came up with this was someone who obviously did not suffer from motion sickness and just wanted to get rid of his friend puking at the back. But that’s the main problem. People think that motion sickness is about throwing up. They think that as long as you are not throwing up, you are fine. But even the person is not throwing up, they are feeling giddy, their head hurts and maybe they  feel nauseous.  I for one, cannot remember a single car ride where I didn’t feel all of the above.  But I keep my  mouth shut and hope that I don’t throw up and be a pain in the ass for the people around me.

This brings me to the other problem.  Because most people don’t understand the crap you are going through, they treat you as a nuisance. They don’t understand how important it is for you to sit by the window. And because people don’t understand it, you try and hold back your puke. At least I do. Till the minute it absolutely has to come out. It gets really embarrassing sometimes. It’s one thing to puke when you are 4, and it’s a completely different thing to still be puking when you are 18.

Another thing I hate is how people freak out when you say you want to throw up. Especially if you are in a large group. One person will be asking the driver to stop, the other gives you a polythene and someone else gives you mint and tells you to hold it. All the chaos makes your head hurt more, makes you feel more giddy makes you want to get out of the car then and there. Before you can decide what to do, your ability to hold is gone and you throw up.  Now if only people had not freaked out, you could have asked the driver to stop yourself, found a ditch and puked in peace. But no. People had other plans.

So if you have a friend who has motion sickness, then let them be in the car. Don’t ever put a pressure of not throwing up on them. Believe me, you will only make it worse.

So let me end this by saying that this is definitely the weirdest piece I have ever written in my life.  I came up with this in the car. Because usually I try to divert my thoughts to other things while I’m in the car, and on a recent car journey I thought that maybe the only fun thing that would ever come out of motion sickness is this blog post.


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